Opepe Scenic Reserve

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 The Opepe DoC reserve is about 15km east of Taupo on SH5. The trapping program is a joint project with PFT, DoC and Forest and Bird and started October 2017 with the placement of 36 DOC 200 traps.

Since the placement of the original 36 DOC200 traps (24 at Opepe South and 12 at Opepe North) a further three have been added to Opepe North (N1 to N15) and a new line, Graveyard Loops with 35 DOC200 traps (N16 to N50), established, along with its own set of access tracks.

Possum trapping commenced in 2018 and currently there are ten A12s, six Warriors and four Timms traps on site.

Opepe_Graveyard Loops Tracks and Traps (GE2).JPG
Opepe South Tracks

Opepe South Tracks