Waikato River Corridor


This project is aimed at enhancing the great work done by Greening Taupo on Wairakei Drive and extending the available range for the prolific bird life at Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary. Many business’s in the Wairakei Business Group already have well established trapping programs. This project is well on the way to a coordinated program on both sides of the river from the control gates bridge on the north edge of town to Aratiatia hydro dam.

Stage one is complete and covers the area from Reid’s Farm to the Contact Power Station using the existing cycling/walking Huka Trails for access. Hukafalls Jet generously sponsored all the DOC 200’s required for stage one and Huka Lodge has donated $2,000.00.

In April 2019 the project had completed 1 year of operation the tally of pests killed is nearing 400. We have currently 100 traps deployed in four traplines. Most traps (80) are DOC box traps which are checked weekly. A fifth trapline from Spa Park to Huka Falls has recently been established. The only remaining gaps to be filled are the west side of the river from the Contact Power Station to Aratiatia and a section from the Red Bridge north to the area managed by Dave Kilmister, from Huka Falls River Cruise. His patch runs south from the dam to include the area planted by Greening Taupo in the winter of 2018.

Trap locations and catches as at June 2019

Trap locations and catches as at June 2019